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Sage V Foods been in the food business for over 30 years now, and believes in building sustainable brands that we can be proud of. We believe in sourcing responsibly grown ingredients. We believe in treating our employees fairly. And we believe in providing quality food at an affordable price. And we believe that, as a company, we have a responsibility to both the planet, and the people on it, to act in a responsible and respectful manner.

Our Team

Family owned and family run.

Pete Vegas

With over 30 years in the rice business, Pete is often known as “the utmost authority on rice in the nation”. From Ferriday, LA, Pete farmed his way through Louisiana State University, and jumped into the rice business right out of Harvard Business School, setting up manufacturing plants all over the world, including Jordan and Puerto Rico. Pete stated Sage V Foods in 1992, and has since built it into the nations leading rice ingredient manufacturer.

Brett Vegas

Having been brought up in the food world, it’s no surprise Brett has a passion for food brands. After getting his MBA at Cornell’s Johnson School of Management, Brett moved to Colorado to work for WhiteWave Foods, helping manage some of the natural food worlds biggest brands (Silk and So Delicious Dairy Free). Brett has since rejoined the family business, bringing his marketing and branding experience to help define and grow Sage V Foods’ branded products.

Scott Vegas

After a successful career as a UCLA volleyball player, Scott brought the same intensity and dedication Sage V Foods flour milling operation in Stuttgart, AR. Scott is leveraging his knowledge of rice and rice flours to helps drive the growth of RYZE Gluten Free, and help spread the message of a better way to bake gluten free.

Grain TrustVestibulum rutrum mi

Grain Trust is committed to bringing you the highest quality rice and grains. We believe fresh is best, so we harvest our rice, cook it to perfection, and flash freeze it locking in the flavor, giving you perfectly cooked rice in just 3 min.

RYZENunc nec neque

RYZE Gluten free aims to simplify and clean up gluten free baking. Our baking mixes are made with just TWO ingredients. Say goodbye to a pantry full of starches, flours, and gums, and say hello to fluffy cakes, moist cookies, and delicious pies. Simple ingredients. Amazing results.

RollinGreensNullam dictum felis eu.

RollinGreens is all about bringing you classics with a Boulder twist. We bring an innovative new approach to the freezer, using only the best ingredients to make heathy products we know you’ll love.

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